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Rice Recreation Director Gene Thomsen
(320) 493-5367
Rice Recreation is offering Summer Ball and Soccer
Registration Form  Rice Recreation Summer Ball Program 2024

                              Rice Recreation Soccer Registration 2024

                         Rice Recreation Dance Program 2024

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Rice Recreation Summer Ball Program 


  • Rice Rec Phone: 320-493-5367 Gene Thomsen, Rice Recreation Director www.ricemn.us/recreation. 
  • Rice Lions Park Ball Fields 

Big Bopper, Ages 3-4* 5:30-6PM In this fun version of baseball, all children will bat and play the field. The program focuses on fundamentals, teamwork, and FUN! Volunteer coaches needed! Cost for all Ball Programs – $30.00 

T-Ball, Ages 4-7* 5:30-6:30 PM Like Big Bopper, this program will focus on fundamentals, teamwork, and having FUN! We will also focus on applying the skills your child has learned in the past. Volunteer coaches needed! Cost for all Ball Programs – $30.00 

Coach Pitch, Ages 7-9* 6:15-7:30 PM The ball will be pitched overhand or underhand at a level of difficulty that challenges the batter. Volunteer coaches needed! Cost for all Ball Programs – $40.00 

Co-Ed Softball, Ages 9-12* 6:30-7:30 PM Kid Pitch will provide a transition from coach pitch to hitting & pitching against an opponent. Volunteers needed! Cost for all Ball Programs – $40.00 

The Rice Recreation Department is funded through the City of Rice. For more information, please call the City of Rice at 320-393-2280. Registration Information Forms are available at Rice City Hall, and online at www.ricemn.us/recreation 

Registrations will not be accepted by phone. 

Rice Recreation: Statement of Release: I agree to release Rice Recreation and its employees of all liability related to accidents or injuries which might occur while participating in this activity. I also give my permission for emergency medical procedures to be administered if I cannot be contacted in the event of an emergency. I also understand that Rice Recreation Staff or their representatives may photograph participants enrolled in programs or events. 

If discipline problems occur, students may be dropped from the activity. Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________ 

Make Checks Payable to: Rice Recreation. Pre-registration is mandatory.  Contact City Hall to pay by Credit Card

Forms are available at: • Rice City Hall• Online at www.ricemn.us click on “Recreation.”  

Registration will NOT be accepted by phone. Mail registration forms to: Rice Recreation  

PO Box 179, Rice MN 56367 


Recreation Summer 2024 Registration Form 


Child’s Name   _____________________ Grade (24/25) _______Age ____________ Parent/Guardian Name ________________ Township _________________________ 

Address __________________________________________________________ 

Home Phone __________________________________ 

Work Phone ________________________Cell Phone __________________________ Email ______________________________ Emergency Contact: _________________  

Phone: _____________________________ 

Medical Information the coach should know: ___________________________________________ 

Shirt Size (circle one) S   M   L   XL 

Adult (if Volunteering) S   M   XL   XXL  

Are you or a family member interested in coaching? Yes/No please contact prior to first practice.  


Mail Registrations to: Rice Recreation, PO Box 179 Rice, MN 56367